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A push-button cloud-based e-book maker
Supported request method
Response formats
EPUB, MOBI, XML (on error).
Authentication Required
Rate Limit
30 requests per hour from the same host IP. You are strongly encouraged to cache the generated e-book.

html (required)

Format: Any well-formed UTF-8 XHTML fragment.

Description: It will be the content of the e-book. It must be a text of less than 300 Kb. Some typical accepted tags are: div, p, em, strong, blockquote, ul, ol, li... dotEPUB will not check the validity of the XHTML.

title (required)

Format: UTF-8 text.

Description: This text will be used as the title of the e-book.

url (required)

Format: An http URI.

Description: It is the webpage address of the original content. It should point to the same domain and directories where the POST was originated.


Valid values: en (default), es, ca.

Description: It is the language of the texts provided by dotEPUB. Currently, only English, Spanish and Catalan are supported.


Format: UTF-8 text.

Description: It is an optional author name to be shown in the cover of the e-book and in the metadata.


Format: UTF-8 text.

Description: It is an optional copyright notice to be shown in the cover of the e-book.


Valid values: epub (default), mobi

Description: It is the format of the resulting e-book. By default (format unspecified or wrong value), an EPUB e-book will be produced. Use mobi to request a MOBI e-book.

On success, an e-book will be sent. Depending on the specified format, the e-book will be an EPUB file (for EPUB-compatible e-readers like the Sony Reader, the Nook, the Kobo eReader or Apple’ iBooks) or a MOBI file (for Amazon Kindle). On error, an XML document will be returned with the following structure:
<Message xml:lang="en">
Wrong method: Only POST is accepted.
Error codes:
  • WMethod: Wrong method: Only POST is accepted.
  • WURL: Wrong webpage address.
  • CBig: Content too big.
  • Missing: Required information ({parameter name}) was not passed or couldn't be retrieved.
  • Unknown: Unknown error.


This software is distributed on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.