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Welcome to the dotEPUB testing blog. This platform is used only for internal testing of the dotEPUB plugin for WordPress.

The dotEPUB plugin helps your readers getting the content of your blog in e-book form.

When this plugin is activated a button or link will be included in all your posts (at the beginning or at the end of them). If you don’t want to include it in all your posts or want to add it in a different place (for example, after the introductory paragraph), please use the shortcode [dotepub].

See the following samples:



If you want to place the dotEPUB button or link only in selected posts or in the middle of the text, use the dotEPUB shortcode.

  1. [dotepub] will include the dotEPUB button or link using the dotEPUB blog settings.
  2. [dotepub]your code[/dotepub] will add a link to your code.


Important: Do not mix 1 and 2. If you need to use an empty shortcode in a post where you are also using a non-empty shortcode, please write your empty shortcode like this:


If the shortcode is the only content of a paragraph, specify the alignment in the Edit post WordPress page to make sure that the shortcode is treated as a paragraph.